Why Local Web Hosting is Better for Your Local Business?

A survey by Host Advice, regarding web hosting, shows that most of the local business owner tend to host their website locally, within the country. Why they do so?

It’s because there are numerous benefits to hosting your website locally. Local Web Hosting, in a nutshell, means the data servers are resident locally, within your country and support is local.

You usually get faster loading speed on your website if you host your site locally. (3 times more than international hosting, if your local hosting provider is up to the mark).

You also enjoy the local support in your local language, you get to pay in your local currency, Google offers better search ranking, you get more and more priority and last but not least, you help to boost your local economy by keeping the money within the country.

However, hosting local is not going to automatically ensure all the benefits, you still need to choose a good local hosting provider.

While some of the global leaders of web hosting industry might have an obvious reputation, your local hosting companies might not have so. You’ll need to do some research, ask some people to find out the best local web hosting provider within your region.

Let’s see what benefits you’ll enjoy if you host your website locally with a good provider.

Performance – Low Latency, Fast Response

A study by Kissmetrics (Neil Patel’s) shows that nearly half of visitors close out of a site if it took more than 3 seconds to load. So, speed is a killer and it’s a critical issue.

Good news is, local web hostings provide faster loading speed than international ones, even if both the server had same hardware configuration.

Local web hosting loads website 3 times faster than an International web hosting with the same configuration as the local one, due to ultra-low latency.

To explain more simply, the more hops or distance the data has to travel from the server to reach your computer, the more time it’ll need, which is the case of international hostings. There are more ‘hops’ between networks which slows the performance.

On the other hand, local web hosting’s data center are located closer to the local user. This means lesser distance for data to travel and faster loading speed.

Local traffic is routed locally through the Internet Exchange Point of a country, so lesser ‘hops’ as well. So better performance, not surprisingly!

Better, Native Lingual Support

You get multiple benefits regarding support when you choose local hosting.

Major two aspect of that is, support in your own native language (which helps when it comes to explaining complicated technical issues) and priority support, real support from a real person, not through an automated call.

Have you ever tried getting support from a large reputed hosting company? I have, and this shit is a tedious task.

You often have to submit tickets to get support and in many cases, it takes even 48 hours for them to respond to that.

And often, all you receive in the name of support is an automated pre-recorded phone call which usually doesn’t help solve your problem.

I’m not blaming those large companies, not at all. It’s just they have a pretty huge customer-base all over the globe and giving personalized support to them is close to impossible.

But, local hosting providers usually do not have such large customer-base and thus they can provide better, personalized, priority support to its customers.

Also, time-zone ain’t an issue here. They are available for you at the hours when you’re most likely to need them.

And, you don’t usually face irritating automated phone calls. There’s a real person on the other side of the phone/mail/chat box waiting to give real answers, not anything pre-made.

Local providers often solve issues at the spot when it’s possible. Way better support is one strong reason that solely can influence anyone to go local.

Better Search Engine Ranking Due to Local IP

Have you ever made a search looking for a service without mentioning your area and still only those companies that provide those service in ‘your area’ showed up?

Even wondered why this happens? It’s because Google uses IP of your hosting provider as a clue to guess the region that you cover.

Google themselves acknowledged that they use web hosting’s IP address as a clue for them to understand your content.

Google tries to show better results to users by cross-matching the users (searchers) IP and the IP’s of the probable websites to show.

For example, staying in Malaysia, you make a search typing ‘car wash service’. Now Google has a bunch of car wash service companies’ website to show to you. But which one to show you at the top?

Google cross matches the IP in such case. Since you’re searching from Malaysia, Google shows you those websites that have the data serving from hosting resided in Malaysia, which is a sign of locality to Google.

Thus, hosting locally can give you a significant ranking boost in searches that are made locally by your target audience.

Local Currency Payout, and Affordable Pricing in Some Cases

Many people often don’t have an international credit card or payment gateway availed since they might not need it often.

Those people have a hard time buying an international hosting since it’s troublesome to get a credit card just to buy a hosting.

Now this group of people will find it convenient to buy a local hosting since they can pay in local currency, which is much more convenient. Troublesome task – avoided!

In some cases, local hosting tends to be more affordable as well. Since they price their packages according to local economic condition, which international provider doesn’t care about.

Data Privacy Laws

Different countries tend to have different data privacy laws.

If you host your website from another country where you and your clients’ information resides, you’ll need to comply with that countries’ data privacy law too, not only yours.

You’ll want to avoid the complexity, thus hosting locally seems a better option from this aspect too.

Bonus Tips: However, even if you’re hosting with local providers, you’ll still want to make sure that your local provider complies with your countries’ data privacy policy, which most of the countries have got very serious about at this moment.

Otherwise, if they got shut down, you’ll lose your website information too.

All in One Services

Most of the business guy is not a technical person. They just can’t help not having a website, probably that’s why they’re willing to get it.

Now, forming a good website need some sort of technical knowledge. After you bought your hosting somehow, when you’ll open the hosting panel, you’ll get a shock.

Everything is written is technical term there and you’ll have no idea what those is.

Even if you outsource every task of your website, you’ll have a hard time reconciling them. You’re gonna need help.

Which, many local hosting providers’ offers. They provide designing, even marketing service along with domain-hosting itself, so you can focus on your business, and not have to stress about forming a quality website.

I suggest relying on professionals is a better option. So, grab such opportunity if you get.

Bonus Tip: If you can find any local provider that provides this all-in-one service, I recommend hiring someone personally to look over the whole process.

Trust me, it’s really tough to form a good website without any technical knowledge, even if you outsource everything and try to bring them together by yourself.

There’s high chance that you’ll end up outsourcing services from a bad quality provider, and your money will go in vain.

So sit this one out, hire a professional to look over everything regarding this.

Boost Local Economy

You can prove to be a good citizen here by keeping the money within your country. Buying from local hosting provider means the money stays within the circle of your economy, which boosts itself.

This is a billion dollar industry and this much amount has a good impact on the economy.

Local is Simply Better, Made for Local Culture

Local hostings are simply better for local businesses that target local audience. It suits the local culture better.

Local providers design their service having local business’s needs in mind. So they simply serve better.

A Little Warning and Wrap Up:

Local hosting is good for local businesses, but not all of them. Local provider does not necessarily mean they’re good. You still have to research, judge and compare to take a decision and choose the best local hosting provider in your area.

Also, be aware of resellers. They buy hosting from famous international providers and sales to you later on. So most of the advantages I mentioned above, becomes obsolete.

Their support is crap since they’ve to relay it from the original providers. Also, you don’t get the advantage of local IP of the server.

If any website’s target is an international audience, hosting locally will not provide them this numerous benefits as well. They might get some, like support, local currency payout etc., but not the better performance.